The tako are a race of intelligent octopi who can move onto land and use weapons and other tools.
Tako have no bones; their plump bodies are protected by tough mantles of leathery skin. They have eight supple tentacles, similar to those of octopi, lined with circular muscles that act as suction cups. They have a single golden eye centered in their heads, and sharp, protruding jaws that resemble the bill of a parrot. Although tako can change color with ease, a mature male’s normal color is light green, while a mature female’s is orange-red. Young tako appear in a variety of colors, including black, brown, white, blue, and golden.
Tako have their own language based on tentacle movements and skin-color changes.
(ripped straight up from the AD&D MM)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Tech Level: ???
Government: Elective Monarchy (Matriarchal)


The tako came to Dyson Blue after the flood. Following the cataclysm the Tako and the Sahuagin became bitter rivals for dominance over the ocean depths. Even despite better technology and tactics the savage Sahuagin quickly outnumbered the Tako. The wars ended in defeat for the Tako, making them a rare species usually only seen in their underwater habitats.


The Tako of Dyson Blue life in small tribes of few dozen males and females and again half as many juveniles. Tako are born in broods of many thousand, but most of the defenceless young are slain in the savage depths before ever reaching juvenile age. Tako society is a Matriarchy with a council of women lead by one elder crone making all decisions for the tribe.


The Tako worship the elder gods of the void existing outside the sphere that is Dyson Blue. They believe that one day the elder gods will find a way into the sphere and devour the central sun and moons with their godly denizens.


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