Dyson Blue

Session 3: Voyage to Milkwater

in which Dabs loses an arm

Flush from the success of their salvaging trip and newfound freedom, Albert, Yittina and Dabs secure passage to Milkwater. The prarty plans to sell the information that the Steelshark Clan had salvaged and possibly sunk The Warning for the Milkwater lockbox they had traded for freedom.

A week into the voyage to Milkwater disaster struck. A sahuagin hunting party snuck aboard under cover of darkness, slaying the ship’s guards. Albert noticed their tresspass, but was made a fool of by the skilled sahaugin infiltrators at first. Dabs awoke to a strangle and a struggle ensued that ultimately resulted in the loss of his arm. Yittina was the one that broke the attack, felling more than half of the sahaugin before she fell beneath their frenzied teeth. Luckily, a well timed thrown knife from Dabs felled the last of them before Yittina succumbed to her wounds. Albert redeemed himself by saving the ship’s captain by wrestling a sahaugin away from him.

The group licked their wounds for the rest of the trip to Milkwater Flotilla and was able to trade their information for cold hard cash. With some jingle in their pockets the question became: what now? Dabs convinced Gravol Milkwater to invest in an expedition to one of Dyson Blue’s poles in search of exotic fruits. After all, the Milkwaters had lost their covetted sail design to the Steelsharks and were in need of a win.

Next Session: The group sets sail for one of the poles. What lies in their path on this perilous and lengthy journey?


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