Dyson Blue

Session 3: Voyage to Milkwater
in which Dabs loses an arm

Flush from the success of their salvaging trip and newfound freedom, Albert, Yittina and Dabs secure passage to Milkwater. The prarty plans to sell the information that the Steelshark Clan had salvaged and possibly sunk The Warning for the Milkwater lockbox they had traded for freedom.

A week into the voyage to Milkwater disaster struck. A sahuagin hunting party snuck aboard under cover of darkness, slaying the ship’s guards. Albert noticed their tresspass, but was made a fool of by the skilled sahaugin infiltrators at first. Dabs awoke to a strangle and a struggle ensued that ultimately resulted in the loss of his arm. Yittina was the one that broke the attack, felling more than half of the sahaugin before she fell beneath their frenzied teeth. Luckily, a well timed thrown knife from Dabs felled the last of them before Yittina succumbed to her wounds. Albert redeemed himself by saving the ship’s captain by wrestling a sahaugin away from him.

The group licked their wounds for the rest of the trip to Milkwater Flotilla and was able to trade their information for cold hard cash. With some jingle in their pockets the question became: what now? Dabs convinced Gravol Milkwater to invest in an expedition to one of Dyson Blue’s poles in search of exotic fruits. After all, the Milkwaters had lost their covetted sail design to the Steelsharks and were in need of a win.

Next Session: The group sets sail for one of the poles. What lies in their path on this perilous and lengthy journey?

Session 2: Will Work For Freedom
in which an tako, yeti and goblin bargain with gnomes

Last week a world was born and this week three new player characters awaken to find themselves in the shackles of the Gnomish slaver, Hamish Steelshark,

Our heroes, consisting of Yetina the Yeti Druid; ‘Albert’ the Tako Thief and Dabs the Goblin Ranger, were in the process of planning their escape from servitude when Hamish offered them a deal.

“I will grant your freedom if you return a lockbox from the wreck of The Warning.”

This was the bargain offered by Hamish and, while the heroes were confident in their escape plan, they decided to take the deal. Everything was put down and writing and Hamish was soon lowering the party into the blue depths in specialized salvaging suits.

In the ruins of The Warning the party came across a bioluminescent fish that Dabs knew to be a Sahuagin Pilot Fish] Albert lured it away from the ship, but in the process became entangled and was swept along to the nearby Sahaugin hunting party. Albert dived for cover only to come face to face with the gold-toothed sharkmaw of another Sahaugin and was forced to defend himself with extreme predjudice. The resulting cloud of blood frenzied the remaining Sahaugin and they tore eachother apart while Albert remained camoflauged along a nearby rock. Once the frenzy ended only a single worn Sahaugin remained and with a cloud of poison and the firm tentacled touch of Albert, it soon joined its kin.

Meanwhile, Dabs and Yetina explored the wreck and found the lockbox stashed beneath the captain’s bed. They also found a locked drawer in the captain’s desk and opted to salvage the entire desk and float it, and the chest, to the surface. Their work done, they went looking for Albert. Dabs followed Albert’s scent to a nearby cave only to find some kind of feathered ambush predator instead. Assuming that Albert had met his end, they returned to the rig that would carry them to the surface. Albert returned from his battle with Sahaugin while they connected their suits to the lift.

Once at the surface the party had to contend with an angry Hamish Steelshark when they appeared emptyhanded. Dabs revealed that his owl companion had retrieved the lockbox then used the lockbox as leverage to insure the party’s safe return to the floating Steelshark clan city. Aside from freedom for Dabs, Albert and Yetina, Albert is able to secure a modified Deepwater Suit so that he can comfortably navigate land.

Next Session: Ferry passage from Steelshark City is obtained from Merry Whitecrest. Where is the party going and why?

Session 1: World Creation
in which many tables are rolled upon

Without much gaming success since October 2013, the group finally got back together and tossed out the old campaign. This left us all with a burning question: what do we do now? Lines were drawn, arguments made and when the dust settled we found the AD&D World Creation Guide on the table in front of us. We did what any self respecting group of gamers would do: throw ourselves at the mercy of the dice gods.

Two hours and a bag of chocolate covered peanuts later, we had our world. Dyson Blue is an enormous dyson sphere in which in the inner surface has been flooded due to some kind of catastrophic event. It is populated with a strange mix of traditional races and weird aquatic races, as well as a few wild cards like neogi and yetis. We spent another hour or so trying to link the races and geographic elements together and came away with a rough idea of what this strange blue world looks like.

Next session: Character introductions and a GM scrambles for an introductory adventure on the fly.


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